Lucas Johanssen, better known by his nickname Phoenix, is one of the protagonists of [NAME OF SERIES GOES HERE]. Phoenix is a well-respected scientist and the founder of both Phoenix Industries and the Plasma Sentinels, serving as the team's commander.



Phoenix is a 5'6" biped and possesses a slightly masculine build. His skin color is a yellow-ish pale green and he has blue eyes. Phoenix does not appear to have much muscle mass and is fairly slim all around. His orangish-brown hair is smooth and stops around the base of his neck, but he has a significant amount of facial hair that covers most of his face below his nose save for around his mouth. 

Phoenix normally wears an orange coat with the Plasma Sentinels emblem, a white undershirt, dark orange pants, and black shoes. Phoenix is nearsighted, so he always wears orange-rimmed corrective lenses.

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

Phoenix has an absurdly high level of intelligence, making him ideal for the role of a commander. His problem-solving capabilities make formulating a successful strategy for his crewmates easy. He also possesses a vast amount of material resources.

Phoenix's biggest weakness would be his combat ineffectiveness. Hanging back at HQ has left him inexperienced in direct combat, he is untrained in firearms more complex than his revolver, and he lacks physical strength, leaving him with few options beyond stealth. Phoenix is also a specialized scholar, meaning that while he may know a lot about physics and chemistry, he is clueless when it comes to programming or history.